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With SWM Land Services, you can trust that your excavation project will be handled with the utmost care , so you can count on us to get the job done right. We offer Land Clearing, Septic installs, Excavation and anything in between.  Contact us today to learn more about our services.


SWM Land Services is your Springfield Missouri Excavation contractor! We are locally owned and operated, and offer a verity of services.

Reach out today to schedule a free quote! We would love the opportunity to earn you  business and make your next project a reality!

Site Prep

Site Prep- Springfield Mo

SWM Land Services can provides site prep for your next project! From silt fence, construction entrance, and striping off organics for pad prep.

Septic Install

Septic Installer near me

SWM is licensed in the state of Missouri for basic and advanced systems. That means we can do a conventional pipe and gravel gravity system or more complex drip systems to accommodate your soil report. We install new and repair. 

Forestry Mulching

Forestry Mulching Near Me

Forestry mulching is a more eco- friendly version of land clearing. This process grinds up the organics and leaves them at surface level to add nutrients to the soil. There is also less soil erosion in this type of land clearing because you disturb the soil minimally, and the organics add as a erosion control. Call SWM Land services for your forestry mulching needs. 

Land Clearing

Land Clearing- Springfield Mo

SWM provides land clearing to fit your needs for your property. ATV trails, clear cutting, clearing out undergrowth, thinning timber. Land clearing is a valuable way to get the most out of your land giving it more access and healthier from overgrowth. 

Rough/Finish Grading

Finish Grading- Springfield Mo

Getting proper site drainage is a critical part of the longevity of your home. Insufficient slope and negative slope can lead to moisture issues and settling if the problem is not addressed. Rough grading and finish grading in the process of building a home diverts water from the house. SWM Land Services can take care of your Rough/Finish grade needs. 


Demolition- Springfield Mo

Old buildings on your property can be an eyesore if they are past the point of being salvageable. They can also hurt property value in some cause if they are a safety risk. If you have a old building, mobile home, reach out and let us take it off your plate.

Redi Rock Walls


Engineers use Redi-Rock to solve an array of daunting land and marine challenges. Chances are good that a Redi-Rock solution has been applied to a scenario similar to yours.  There are many different styles to fit your ecstatic 

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